Pipeline Surveying Services

It is crucial for the energy industry to determine the exact location of pipelines and other potentially hazardous structures, only one piece of puzzle beyond gathering critical data about factors that may affect well site positioning and construction.

Combining accurate research, field investigation and data analysis our experienced pipeline expert can help you establish a new pipeline. Timely accurate surveys are needed to move the project forward and meet local and federal requirements.

Our experience extend from preliminary survey and right of way acquisition for large interstate Pipeline to a range of maintenance project to assure the integrity of valuable pipeline assets.


Our pipeline field crews are highly responsive and portable because they are experienced in the industry and equipped with the most modern technology, using the latest GIS, GNSS, conventional surveying, mobile communication and on-site data transfer technologies, crews can be deployed at a rapid rate and keep the project on track, Our 3d laser scanning and LiDAR solutions enable remote observation and extreme accuracy.


Integrity is essential to extending pipeline design life, ensuring safety, avoiding costly downtime and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Current Requirements testing
  • Current potential mapping
  • close interval survey potential surveys
  • alternating current Voltage gradient surveys
  • resistivity surveys
  • depth of cover surveys
  • Sub-meter GPS line locating

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