Facades Surveying

Facades surveying is a process of accurately measuring the elevations of building to record all of the features such as windows, doors, parapets, columns and other structural elements facade can be recorded using a variety of surveying technologies selected by the level of detail required and the nature of the area being surveyed, Our surveyors use a total station, laser scanner and rectified photography to record everything from main structure detail to intricate architectural features.

Facade survey are important for the following reason

  • Record important details of building plans
  • provide scale CAD drawings of front and side of a building
  • provide accurate structural data that saves time, money and reduce the risks that could be a result of mistakes in projects.

We can create 3D models and visualization of the exterior of a building in conversation, heritage, historical, planning and design purposes.

Facade survey capture structure detail that is not adequately portrayed in floor plan send sections saving time and money. work can be completed without direct physical access from potentially hazardous sites to reduce on-site risk thus making it a non invasive survey method.

A high level of detail is captured with 3d laser scanning, and advantage in surveying complex and structure details. Deliverable can be produced in a large range of formats including auto desk AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation,2d drawing models, 3D models, rectified photography and 360-degree panoramic photography.

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